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Space… the final frontier
This piece was originally written in March 2021. Three years on and I seem to have developed some digestive reactivity around gluten which is a sad development for someone who loves bread the way I do! I also still have difficulty with taking time to rest, although I continue to schedule regular breaks and have […]
The Death of George Floyd
I originally posted this after the murder of George Floyd in June 2020 (he died on the 25th May 2020). He was at the time the same age as I am now. It seems like such a pivotal point for many, including myself, in our journey around awareness of race and privilege. Since then it […]
A picture collage of six images, top left is an image of a butterfly on a statue and the word transformation, top middle is an image looking out over Bilbao, top right is an image of a screen that has Ron Kurtz's picture on it and a metal heron sculpture next to it and the words Hakomi conference, bottom right is an image of flowers in a park, bottom middle is an image of my feet and the words Bilbao 2019, and bottom left is an image of me, a light skinned woman with brown hair that is tied back, smiling and wearing a cream coloured top and holding an ice cream cone with the ice cream shaped like a flower.
Bilbao 2019: A time of transformation
This blog article was originally written after a wonderful experience in Bilbao in September 2019 with the international Hakomi conference. Reading back over it is moving, especially the poem. To re-remember that experience and how it felt to be with people I know well and others I didn’t know at all and yet felt familiar […]
Finding help
This article was originally written back at the beginning of 2019 when I first started writing my blog. If you are here, it is likely that you are looking for help of some sort. I often describe my own journey as finding pieces of a jigsaw that help me make sense of things. Sometimes I […]

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