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One-to-one work

Indoor therapy

It is important for me that you feel comfortable enough to talk about what is happening for you in our work together. I support you to do this by providing a warm space where you are accepted for who you are. 

Therapy to me is about reconnection with our instinct to grow in the directions we want to. Sometimes we face barriers to this from our past or present and need some support. What the research and my experience tells me is that it is the relationship that is most important.

Person-Centred counselling is a talking therapy that works with conscious thought and is very much about helping you listen to yourself. Hakomi is a mindfulness-based, body-centred practice that works with unconscious habits that cause unnecessary suffering.

Outdoor therapy

Outdoor therapy is an opportunity to bring nature into our work together. This can be so nourishing as well as challenging and offers something different than working indoors. There are many places around Merseyside that offer spaces to be outside and work together. We can do this as movement or just being outside. If we move, this can be walking or using mobility assistance at your pace and it feels important to me that outdoor therapy is open to people of all abilities and fitness levels.

If you are considering outdoor therapy, you may already have somewhere in mind you would like to work and we can talk about this. I have flexibility over where we work and am willing to travel within about 15 miles of north Liverpool.


Much of my work in education has been to offer coaching support to individuals, this has been supporting students and staff, including researchers. As I see it, this is a valuable learning relationships that can support your personal and professional development. My approach to this is Person-Centred and coaching in this way is also very much about supporting you to listen to your whole self.

What is different to therapy is that there can be more structure to the work, and often there are more practical elements to the work such as wanting to work on your development or reflexivity, preparing for certification or an assessment, developing your skills, finding a new job.

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