Person-Centred counselling and Hakomi assisted self study.


Working with individuals and organisations, offering coaching on a one-to-one and supporting teams.


Introductory workshops to the Hakomi Method and practice groups.


"Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change." Brené Brown

How I work

Where I am most at home is supporting others and helping them to see that they have the answers within. My approach to this is humanistic and person-centred, and this takes different forms. I am a Counsellor, Hakomi Practitioner, Consultant, Coach, Trainer and Facilitator.

I have a background in Science and 18 years’ experience in education, both as a Teacher and Coach. I have worked for over 10 years developing one-to-one methods of supporting people to help them manage their personal and professional growth through reflective practice.

What others have said...

‘Having never been to a therapy session I was cautious on booking the right counsellor and as I seen Jamie’s profile she seemed like a person who could help me and guide me in the right direction. The locations of the sessions were split between Rose Lane and Ullet road which were perfect for me living in the Mossley Hill area. From the first session Jamie made me feel at ease and nothing was ever a problem. As the sessions progressed, I found it easy to open up and use techniques such as hakomi practice in the sessions which I felt really helped my progression and understanding on not just my mental feelings but my physical feelings too. I felt as if the sessions took me on a journey and progressed me into who I am now and I have never looked back since. I can’t thank Jamie enough for helping me through my time with her and enabling me to think and understand in a positive and selfless way. I would hugely recommend Jamie if anyone is feeling low or needs to speak to someone. Thanks for everything!’

‘I’ve had a number of amazing Hakomi sessions with Jamie; she is a very skillful, compassionate, warm and experienced therapist. I felt profoundly safe, heard, accepted and at ease throughout every session which allowed me to access and explore some very deep issues, always at my pace. I came much closer to being able to trust and value myself, my needs and feel happier and more comfortable in the world. I can’t recommend Jamie highly enough.’

‘I find Jamie is a gentle, kind, but most astute listener. she has a welcoming, accepting presence, showing me that she is alongside me without judgment. Jamie has good academic understanding yet speaks to me with focus and simplicity. I trust her implicitly and am glad she is in my life; it is richer for her input.’

Latest from my blog...

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