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Welcome to Jamie Fearn Therapy

I'm Jamie and I'm a counsellor, Hakomi practitioner and teacher and a coach. Counselling is a talking therapy, Hakomi is a way of slowing down and working with what's happening in your bodyself, mind, emotions and spirit or soul and coaching is a learning relationship.

I'm also a TRE provider. TRE is Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, another way to listen to your bodyself and find relief from tension and stress.

I offer my one-to-one work in person in Liverpool, online or by telephone and outdoors. As well as offering one-to-one support, I also teach Hakomi to groups. Click on the links below to see the professional bodies I belong to.

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My passion is supporting others to find their way home to themselves; this means supporting you to listen to your whole experience. My approach to this is humanistic, person-centred and relational, which means working together collaboratively. At the heart of my work is a deep belief in the wisdom of our bodyselves and that privileging one aspect of who we over others does not serve us. All parts bring things that are important to us.

This means our work can include talking and listening, moving, noticing what's happening inside you, slowing down, noticing what's happening in nature and how that speaks to you, to name a few examples. We co-create the space together and this supports your exploration of what is happening in your world and a deeper listening and trust in your own wisdom to guide you.

What kind of things can therapy support you with?

People come to me looking for support or to explore all kinds of life experiences.

Here are some that I have worked with:

Stress or anxiety

Cancer or health


Grief and loss




Confidence or self-esteem

Work and work transitions

Life transitions

Mental health difficulties

Family relationships

Whilst these ideas and labels can be a way into connecting and working with specific experiences, ultimately I work with human beings and take a holistic view, seeing us as more than a label.

"I don't want to talk in the impersonal, soulless terms of diagnoses and labels. I want to talk in terms of human suffering that needs a solution." Carolyn Spring


I work from Ullet Road Eco Offices in Liverpool. The room is a lovely space, easily accessible by bus routes from Liverpool city centre. There is bookable disabled parking directly outside and street parking a few minutes walk away.

You can find more information about getting here from the Ullet Road Eco Offices website here: https://www.ullet-eco.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Visiting-Us.pdf

Sessions and fees

I offer a free thirty minute consultation so that we have the opportunity to experience how it would feel to work together. During this time, you might want to talk about what it is you are looking for and ask any questions you have, I can share about how I work and more about counselling, Hakomi, coaching and TRE. We can also discuss a contract for working together and what happens to any information you share.

Sessions usually last 60 minutes and I'm open to talking about longer sessions. I charge a sliding scale of £50-70 per hour, decided by you. TRE tends to take longer for the first couple of sessions, so I usually book 90 minutes for these.

Get in touch

You are really welcome to get in touch to find out more and you can do this using the contact form to the left.

I will always respond to emails and aim to do this within a week, please check your spam or junk email folder as replies may be there.

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