I currently offer workshops and practice groups as an introduction to the Hakomi method. The Hakomi method uses mindfulness, which I often see as more of a solitary practice, and we are exploring how we can use this relationally,

The focus of the experiential workshops is to learn how to create, sustain and deepen a compassionate state of mind, and to practice this while relating to others and ourselves, discovering how to look for what is nourishing, rather than what is wrong. We do this through a series of exercises that encourage this assisted self study, based on the Hakomi method. The aim is develop our capacity for mindful self reflection and deepen our self awareness.

Practice groups are generally shorter (2 hours), with the same focus as the full day workshops. They include similar practices to those used in the day long workshops and with a simple theme.

Latest feedback (what worked well)

I have found all the exercises really interesting and profoundly moving, both for myself and for my partner/s.

I thought it was great! Very powerful, thought provoking. I felt the love and holding was present in the room.

The trainers demonstrating/modelling the ethos of living presence beautifully.

All of the day! I have found it to be a wonderful experience such a new way to be and to relate to people.

The ‘I don’t know’ exercise.


The pace, space, warmth.

The nourishing atmosphere. Being ‘held’.

You organised the day well the speed was about right.

Listening in the moment

My next practice group