I am currently part of the Hakomi Lancaster training team, teaching with Trudy Johnston and Vicky Gaughan. These trainings are currently offered over two days and can be used as personal development in supporting your own self-study, as nourishing self-care or towards practitioner training and certification in this method. 

I also offer workshops and practice groups as an introduction to Hakomi. This practice uses mindfulness, which can sometimes be seen as more of a solitary activity and in this context, we are exploring how we can use it relationally.

The focus of the training and introductory workshops is to learn how to create, sustain and deepen a compassionate state of mind, and to practice this while relating to others and ourselves, discovering how to look for what is nourishing, rather than what is wrong. We do this through a series of exercises that encourage this assisted self study, based on the Hakomi method. The aim is develop our capacity for mindful self reflection and deepen our self awareness.

All offerings are facilitated in an experiential way, with opportunities for individual, whole group and small group activities. Practice groups are generally shorter (2 hours), with the same focus as the full day introductory workshops. They include similar practices to those used in the day long workshops and with a simple theme. Trainings offer greater depth of exploration and use of the method with experienced Hakomi trainers and assistants.

Latest feedback from 2021 coaching

I liked the whole set up, the gentleness of offering, decision making and collaborative progress to move forward. The firm and held boundary of you, Jamie as coach and the whole contained, safe process. It was a real gift for me.

I felt safe and free to explore a really edgey aspect of my experience.

I liked feeling safe and the sense of intimacy and support. I think you invite that really well Jamie. I felt encouraged to have a go.

I love the slow pace, spaciousness and respectful sensitivity of the practice.

I felt met in a very vulnerable part of myself and this supported me to come into regulation and contact more stable/adult parts of myself. .


I really love the spaciousness with which you hold the space, Jamie. It creates safety and allows for depth. I feel you express a lot of respect for all the individuals in the group, allowing everyone to be as they are. 

Jamie I really celebrate you stepping into this and love the way you gently and positively support people and invite safety in the group.

I think having small groups like these are a wonderful offering, and I am really grateful to you for them, thank you.

I have witnessed a session in almost real time with compassionate and clear facilitation and a gentle awakening into the world of Hakomi in a safe an contained way. I gained a lot of insight into the world of a Hakomi practitioner and the thought and senses that are in play during the session. I also witnessed some beautiful interaction and care and I felt fuller and more mindful of what is needed in terms of slow paced, time and openness. The honesty from the facilitator about her nervous system helped me to understand I am not alone when I start something witnessed by others.

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