Outdoor therapy is an opportunity to bring nature into our work together. This can be so nourishing as well as challenging and offers something different than working indoors.

There are many places around Merseyside that offer spaces to be outside and work together. We can do this as movement or just being outside. If we move, this can be walking or using mobility assistance at your pace and it feels important to me that outdoor therapy is open to people of all abilities and fitness levels.

At a time when restrictions have meant us working online where possible, outdoor therapy can be a way back to working face-to-face by reducing some of the risks as well as having health benefits and the opportunity to use nature in the work we do.

If you are considering outdoor therapy, you may already have somewhere in mind you would like to work and we can talk about this. I have flexibility over where we work and am willing to travel within about 15 miles of north Liverpool. As part of the process of discussing working in this way, we will consider together:

  • Where we will meet

  • Your health (in relation to working outdoors)

  • How we will manage different weather conditions

  • What you need to wear and bring with you

  • Planning for movement or being in nature
    • For movement, we will move for about 40 minutes of the session
    • For being in nature, we will talk about suitable seating


If you are interested in working in this way for therapy or coaching we can talk about this either as part of our ongoing work or as part of an initial consultation in considering working together.